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NEW product line: steering knuckles

OPTIMAL expands its range of wear parts. OPTIMAL has once again extended its range of wear parts in its steering and suspension parts product group. This marks another important expansion to the ambitious and high-quality range of products sold by the company based in Langenbach, Germany. The new steering knuckles are already available in a large number of commonly required steel and aluminium models.

OPTIMAL introduces more environmentally friendly, clearly labelled packaging

Sustainable and environmentally friendly practices are becoming increasingly important in industry and commerce. OPTIMAL has already been resolutely pursuing a sustainability strategy for many years, having introduced, for example, its first spare parts catalogue for electric and hybrid vehicles five years ago. Power-saving LED lighting across the entire company, e-charging infrastructure and transparent, rapidly implemented measures for reducing and separating waste in accordance with the new German Packaging Act (VerpackG) are just a few other examples of the steps OPTIMAL has taken. The medium-sized company is also transforming its products and delivery chains to make them more sustainable. Most recently, this has involved the launch of a more environmentally friendly and comprehensive range of brake discs and brake drums.

Quality brake discs and pads with a high standard

High-quality range of brake products completely revised and respecified: Modern motor vehicles are subject to ever greater diversification in terms of their engines and chassis. This also has an impact on parts such as brake discs and brake pads, which are of particular relevance to a vehicle’s safety. The high demands in terms of material quality, handling and safety must meet the different requirements of not only the buyers but also the vehicles. With this in mind, OPTIMAL has now completely revised and respecified its range of brake products. In future, customers will be able to choose between coated brake discs, high-carbon brake discs and compound brake discs. The new brake pads from OPTIMAL now also feature an even more perfectly adapted friction lining compound for each class of vehicle.

Space for over 10,000 new container boxes

OPTIMAL built a new warehouse lane for container boxes this year, quickly and right on schedule. The new lane 7 will offer space for over 10,000 small and large container boxes from the second week of November. The fifth expansion stage of the fully automated warehouse in Langenbach has thus been implemented on schedule.

Automechanika 2018: OPTIMAL is fully in line with the e-trend.

This year, car parts for electric and hybrid vehicles play a central role for OPTIMAL at Automechanika Frankfurt. This is also reflected in the catalogue for electric and hybrid vehicles, which has been significantly expanded since 2016. The further developed range of wearing parts for electric vehicles thus comprehensively covers the extremely high demands of a new generation of vehicles for high-quality spare parts. But this isn’t the only area in which OPTIMAL is making a big mark as an internationally operating company. This is also demonstrated by the new ranges for wheel drive components and CV joints, which are celebrating their premiere in Frankfurt. Visitors to our stand D50 in Hall 6.0 will be able to convince themselves of the quality of our first-class spare parts for cars.

Wheel drive components for all repairs

At the beginning of the year, OPTIMAL is adding drive shafts, CV joints and bellow sets to its product range. The wheel drive components can be purchased individually or as a complete, ready to install kit. The high flexibility of the new product group is additionally emphasised by the use of different types of bellows. Depending on requirements, there can be chosen between rubber or plastic bellows made from TPE.

STAHLGRUBER acquires majority stake in OPTIMAL

Poing/Germany, 22 March 2017 – STAHLGRUBER GmbH, one of the leading automotive spare parts distributors in Europe, has acquired a majority stake in Germany-based OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG – subject to approval by competition authorities. For more than 25 years, OPTIMAL has been successfully supplying automotive spare parts to international customers under the brands OPTIMAL and Bendix.

International training academy - new training programme 2017

OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG’s current training programme can be ordered from OPTIMAL as a brochure in both German and English and has been available to download from OPTIMAL’s website since January 2017.

NEW: comprehensive range of parts for electric and hybrid vehicles

Be the first! In need of a comprehensive catalogue of wear parts for electric and hybrid vehicles? Then look no further than the catalogue launched by OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG at Automechanika Frankfurt 2016! The catalogue received an overwhelmingly positive response from clients and interested parties both in the run up to and during the leading international automotive exhibition in Frankfurt for equipment, parts, accessories, management and services. The catalogue WBM-3015 plays testament to OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG’s competence in the e-mobility market.

OPTIMAL 25 Years

Company’s 25th anniversary to be celebrated at Automechanika

OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG is showcasing its products and services, which now include 25 catalogs and a comprehensive range of wear parts, at this year’s Automechanika in Frankfurt. The company, comprising the OPTIMAL power brand and Bendix premium brand, can look back on a very successful 25 years of business. Our interview with Markus Neudek reveals how OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG is well prepared for the future too.

“All-in-one” solution for brake shoe repairs

Pre-assembled brake shoe kits from OPTIMAL are available now to make it easier for garages to fit brake shoes. The complete range of 400 part references released will save OPTIMAL’s customers time and money. The product portfolio will be continuously extended and developed.

The Importance of Quality - OPTIMAL shock absorbers go through strict checks

Quality control is the utmost importance to OPTIMAL. All components are thoroughly examined in specially developed testing procedures before any parts are delivered to our worldwide partners. (OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG Langenbach) Being an internationally-oriented company with a network of subsidiaries and numerous trading partners, OPTIMAL supply shock absorbers to customers in over 90 countries. Manufacturers’ know how is integrated

Rear axle repair: OPTIMAL makes it possible

In the case of older PSA Group models, defective rear axles can mean a total write-off since the manufacturer's recommendation to exchange the rear axle is usually too expensive to implement. But this is now a thing of the past. PSA rear axle repair kits by OPTIMAL now make efficient and economical repair possible.

OPTIMAL supplies Bendix data to TecDoc

Data on Bendix wheel bearings, shock absorbers and steering and suspension parts has been supplied to TecDoc directly from OPTIMAL since April 1, 2016. (April 2016, Langenbach) Since April 2016, OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG has been supplying data to TecDoc on parts from the premium brand Bendix in the wheel bearings, shock absorbers and steering and suspension parts product groups. From now on, all new products in these lines will therefore be quicker to view in TecDoc and on the associated electronic media. OPTIMAL has been the licensee of the Bendix brand for wheel bearings, shock absorbers and steering and suspension parts since 2010. [Picture: Bendix shock absorbers, steering and suspension parts and wheel bearings.]

OPTIMAL expands its successful range of springs

Fully compatible and manufactured to OE quality. OPTIMAL’s customers can now choose between two lines of springs by selecting either our AF premium line or our new IF standard line. There’s a solution for everyone!


Solutions for fitting individual components make it easier to replace parts and save money

OPTIMAL also supplies individual rear axle bushings for Ford and Volvo models, meaning workshops no longer have to completely repair the longitudinal track control arm in cases of defective bushing.

TÜV certification mark awarded to over 1,000 OPTIMAL steering and suspension parts

More than 1,000 steering and suspension parts supplied by OPTIMAL are now entitled to display the “Type tested, production monitored” certification mark. When it comes to suspension components that have a bearing on safety, nobody should ever have to compromise. Now with more TÜV-certified steering and suspension parts, OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG is even better placed to help drivers stay safe on the road. In fact, the company is setting quality standards that far exceed those of conventional aftermarket parts.

Complete kits for repairing water pumps for PSA and MINI car models

OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG is one of the first car part suppliers to offer complete kits for repairing water pump drive wheels in PSA and MINI (BMW Group) vehicles. The standard version includes a water pump with a seal as well as a belt pulley and matching screws. An all-in-one kit with a friction wheel, electrical connection and connection accessories is also available.

New from OPTIMAL: Overrunning alternator pulleys

OAPs (Overruning Alternator Pulleys) take the strain off the generator in general and extend the service life of the entire auxiliary belt drive. There is also greater comfort when travelling in the vehicle thanks to the effective reduction of vibrations and noise. OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG already supplies numerous automobile parts for the auxiliary belt drive – and these now include OAPs. With 153 overrunning alternator pulleys, OPTIMAL is extending its wear part range to include a completely new product group. The main selection criteria for these overrunning alternator pulleys were their market coverage and outstanding quality. OPTIMAL's overrunning alternator pulleys boast the following characteristics: Advantages

Crankshaft and camshaft sensors for the future

The proportion of electronic components in vehicles is fast increasing as a result of numerous control components being used. They now account for over 40 percent of many vehicles and are even estimated to increase to 60 percent in the future. The crankshaft sensor and the camshaft position sensor are important sensors for engine management. They both supply important measurement values to the engine control unit regarding the current position of the crankshaft and to the positioning of the inlet and outlet valves regarding the camshaft position. Based on this information, the engine control unit works out the ideal time for fuel injection and ignition as well as the optimum level of filling and combustion in the cylinders. OPTIMAL is extending its product range to include new pulse generators and new camshaft position sensors.

Comprehensive solution for Mercedes ML spring strut (type W163)

Replacing shock absorbers, springs and their components due to wear and tear requires costly and time-consuming repair work. Using industrially pre-assembled spring struts makes this process faster and less expensive. OPTIMAL currently offers more than 280 pre-assembled spring struts.