We are offering more than 900 different types of water pumps.

Our water pumps are produced out of high quality materials to assure a maximum of flow and water pressure. Special surfaces inside the pumps are minimizing problems with low grade cooling fluids. They are preventing little particles of these fluids to adhere at the impeller.

Therefore a maximum of corrosion protection is guaranteed. The high quality mountings and the hardened spindle chassis assure a great loading capacity, axial and radial loadings inclusive. Standardized mechanical seals avoid the early incidence of leaks, the reason for 90 % of all changing’s of water pumps.

Our water pumps had been checked in several tests with an average automotive speed of 100 km/h. The leakage of steam was well below the standards of OE and far below the values of typical after market products.

Please note that after the replacement of a water pump there may be a slight emersion of fluids out of the drain hole of the pump body. This depends on the normal shake down of the mechanical seal and does not show any malfunction of the water pump.