In the case of older PSA Group models, defective rear axles can mean a total write-off since the manufacturer’s recommendation to exchange the rear axle is usually too expensive to implement. But this is now a thing of the past. PSA rear axle repair kits by OPTIMAL now make efficient and economical repair possible.

(Langenbach, March, 2016) With the new repair kits from OPTIMAL, a very low-cost and efficient repair of the rear axles of PSA Group vehicles is now possible. The vehicles affected by this include Peugeot models 106, 205, 206, 306, 309 and Citroën models Berlingo, Xsara (Picasso) and Saxo (see table). In cooperation with Paschke Profitec, OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG has developed a non-wearing and cost-effective tool for these models (reference no. WKZ-1111S). This tool not only eliminates the need to remove the rear axle, but also enables repair to be performed on one side (left/right).

PSA rear axle repair kits by OPTIMAL:

ApplicationOPTIMAL reference no.Note
205, 306, 309, Xsara (Picasso), ZXG8-272Without tool
206 with RA disc brake (Org. 9501→)G8-277 
206 with RA disc brake (→ Org. 9500)G8-248 
206 with RA drum brakeG8-197 
405, Partner, Berlingo, Xsara PicassoG8-276-5017Oversize stab shaft
405, Partner, Berlingo, Xsara PicassoG8-276-5020Oversize stab shaft
106, AX, Saxo without stabilizerG8-274 
106, AX, Saxo with stabilizerG8-275 


The Peugeot and Citroën vehicle models mentioned were long fitted with a torsion-bar rear axle. This meant the chassis components could be arranged in a space-saving manner. However, the weakness of this lies in the bearing support of the trailing arm. Increased mechanical wear occurs in the support and on the stab shaft, while the sealing material becomes hard and brittle, making it impossible to prevent water from entering the bearing points. Worn bearings and corroded stab shaft are the result. The defective support causes noise and a tilting of the rear wheels becomes visible, with serious consequences for the vehicle’s safety on the road.

Repair used to rarely be an option in these cases because the manufacturer’s recommendation to completely exchange the rear axle was normally too costly to implement. As a result, the defective rear axle often equated to a complete vehicle write-off.

Advantages of the OPTIMAL repair kit:

  • Low-cost vehicle repair
  • No need to remove the rear axle
  • Low tool costs
  • Repair on one side possible (left/right)
  • Complete kit in a single pack
  • Assembly instructions enclosed with link to repair video
  • Assembly can also be performed using other tools
  • All components manufactured in comparable OE quality

Advantages of the OPTIMAL tool:

  • No welding is necessary for pulling the axle journals
  • Long pressure pipe, meaning greater distance to the side part and 360° turns possible
  • Wear-resistant spindle with standard metric thread saves time thanks to a greater transmission ratio of strength and rotation angle
  • The standard thread means there is no self-locking effect (as is the case with fine threads)
  • The spindle has a hexagon allowing it to be countered
  • Torsion-proof spindle nuts (driving nut)
  • Axial bearing unit encapsulated in pressure piece for greater dirt protection
  • A sophisticated stab shaft pulling procedure makes exchanging on one vehicle side possible
  • The mechanical tool can be adapted to common hydraulic hollow piston cylinders (less effort required, huge time saving)

Important note:

The installation may only be carried out by qualified specialists. Please check the availability of repair kit beforehand, since vehicles can no longer be moved once the rear axle has been dismantled! The repair or exchange of axle journals may only be performed once per vehicle side!

Repair videos and assembly instructions:

Video 1:

Three repair videos can be watched on:
Rear axle repair with OPTIMAL repair kits – part 1: 28 mm

Video 2:

Rear axle repair with OPTIMAL repair kits – part 2: 34 mm

Video 3:

Rear axle repair with OPTIMAL repair kits – part 3: 26 mm

The assembly instructions can be downloaded from: