Sustainability plays a key role at OPTIMAL.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly practices are becoming increasingly important in industry and commerce. OPTIMAL has already been resolutely pursuing a sustainability strategy for many years, having introduced, for example, its first spare parts catalogue for electric and hybrid vehicles five years ago. Power-saving LED lighting across the entire company, e-charging infrastructure and transparent, rapidly implemented measures for reducing and separating waste in accordance with the new German Packaging Act (VerpackG) are just a few other examples of the steps OPTIMAL has taken. The medium-sized company is also transforming its products and delivery chains to make them more sustainable. Most recently, this has involved the launch of a more environmentally friendly and comprehensive range of brake discs and brake drums.

Climate friendly – sustainability and environmental responsibility

Aftermarket manufacturers tend to package many of their wear parts in plastic wrap to avoid the outer packaging coming into contact with substances like grease or to prevent the products being damaged by additional parts such as screws. As part of its new sustainability strategy, OPTIMAL has made the choice to stop using additional plastic packaging, allowing it to considerably reduce the amount of plastic it gets through year on year.

Taking 2019 levels as a basis, this step alone will enable OPTIMAL to avoid almost three tonnes of plastic waste a year in its brake disc range. This equates to savings amounting to half the weight of a fully grown male African elephant and will conserve resources and lower the company’s environmental footprint.

Clear and complete – packaging which protects and clearly identifies the product inside

  • To make it clear that OPTIMAL products are genuine high-quality parts, its brake discs, brake drums and brake pads will now be labelled with a hologram sticker. Customers should look out for these stickers when purchasing selected OPTIMAL products because they provide a clear indication for high-quality OPTIMAL goods.
  • While brake discs are usually packaged in pairs, there are exceptions to this rule, such as when large or heavy discs need to be packaged individually for easier handling. To make the contents of the packaging simpler to identify and to help avoid packing errors, boxes will now feature the red 1 Piece/1 Stück (1 Pc./1 St.) sticker
  • In response to customer requirements across the company’s sales markets, OPTIMAL is also expanding its disc brake range so that it features more than 600 part references, including fixing screws.

Brake parts from OPTIMAL – now more environmentally friendly and clearly labelled.

[Pictures: OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG]