Quality control is the utmost importance to OPTIMAL. All components are thoroughly examined in specially developed testing procedures before any parts are delivered to our worldwide partners.

(OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG Langenbach) Being an internationally-oriented company with a  network of subsidiaries and numerous trading partners, OPTIMAL supply  shock absorbers to customers in over 90 countries.  

Manufacturers’ know how is integrated

OPTIMAL has its own quality control experts to check characteristics of our shock absorbers on specially developed test benches. Measurements for example include the level of pressure and suction and endurance trials which are executed up to the limits of wear. The range of velocity extends from 0.05 to 1.5 metres per second. In addition, the absorbers are strictly adjusted to specifications of OE (please see picture above).

The QC technicians of OPTIMAL check amongst other things the texture of materials i.e chrome magnitude of plunger rods in a µ range (please see picture below). The additional checks of accuracy are the measurements against the OE characteristic pattern of our shock absorbers as standard procedures.

In addition, the quality strategy of OPTIMAL comprises the logistic processes of the company. In defined processes, all incoming goods are checked and released according to further defined processes.

 Convincing rate of quality performance

Not only do shock absorbers play an important role as a link between driving surface and body, they contribute significantly to the driving safety, concerning braking distance and directional stability for varying curve velocities, chosing the right materials is paramount to ensure this happens. Here OPTIMAL starts its quality strategy and has the material properties and textures checked in external laboratories. The results are noteworthy and show a convincing rate of quality performance of 99,74 per cent.

[Pictures: OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG]