Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are important when it comes to the road performance of a vehicle, particularly in critical situations. Thanks to high-quality materials and sophisticated working processes, our absorbers guarantee safety, reliability and minimum wear and tear. Our product range is constantly being expanded and contains all the mainstream European and Asian vehicle models.

Single-tube dampers

With the single-tube damper the working chamber is filled with oil which is kept under a system pressure of 20-30 bar when it is being constructed. Oil and gas are precisely separated from each other by the movable separation piston. The damping valve for the traction and compression stages is located on the piston. The piston rod and seal are particularly important components because the pressurised oil must be securely sealed when subject to static and dynamic loads. The Viton seal is applied to the piston rods by minimising friction using mechnical prestressing and the prevailing inner pressure. Compression stage: The oil volume, which corresponds to the plunging piston rod, compresses the gas cushion with the movable separation piston. Traction stage: When the piston rod extends, the gas cushion relaxes and pushes back the separation piston. Damping takes place in both directions by way of the multi-stage piston valve.

Double-tube damper

To achieve a low noise level and precise damping (vehicle response), even at high spring-deflection speeds, the double-tube damper is filled with 6-8 bar gas pressure. As the piston rod retracts (compression stage), part of the oil flows out of the lower working chamber through the piston valve and into the upper working chamber. The oil volume which corresponds to the plunging piston rod is pushed into the equalisation chamber through the base valve. When the piston rod extends (traction stage) the piston valve takes over the damping, whilst the same oil volume flows back through the base valve. Advantages: low friction, high continuous-travel comfort, variable design characteristics through multi-stage piston and base valve, short overall lengths if necesary. Uses: All classes of vehicle, from sports cars to SUVs and pick-up trucks.