Fully compatible and manufactured to OE quality. OPTIMAL’s customers can now choose between two lines of springs by selecting either our AF premium line or our new IF standard line. There’s a solution for everyone!

As the central link between the wheels and the vehicle body, suspension springs are usually designed to last a lifetime. However, heavy loads, poor road conditions and winter gritting reduce their lifespan. Two identical new springs must be fitted per axle if a crack or fracture is identified when changing a wheel or conducting a visual inspection. OPTIMAL now offers two lines of springs for making these repairs, giving you the choice between our AF premium line and our new IF standard line.

What are the differences between the standard and premium lines?

The IF standard line of springs has been designed for more universal use because it covers the same range of vehicles as our AF springs but with fewer parts to choose from. In contrast, the AF premium line of springs includes more varieties with different specifications. Customers can now choose from nearly 1,000 parts in the IF standard line of springs and over 4,500 in the AF premium line.

The coil spring lines may be obtained by known dealers, online catalogues, the OPTIMAL B2B shop or directly from the OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG.

[Picture: IF standard line of coil springs from OPTIMAL]