Warning Contacts

Brake pad wear indicators, also known as warning contacts, perform an important and safety-relevant function in the vehicles used. They are only used once their associated disk brake pad has reached the end of its service life following thousands of braking cycles. As soon as this happens, the time of the wear indicators commences! The friction pad will now only last a few thousand kilometres and its useful life has effectively reached its limit. If the warning function of the contact were to fail now, this could have tragic consequences.

The OPTIMAL brake pad wear indicators will protect you in such situations. Plastics with a high temperature resistance ensure that our parts function even under the extreme thermal loads of “hot” brakes and that they do not get deformed or even burnt away. Secure attachment within the brake pad ensures an exact and precise reporting point, which is hugely important for the accurate and timely indication of a warning in the vehicle.

  • Wide market coverage,
  • 100% accurate fitting,
  • Dust-proof and humidity-resistant,
  • Use of hig-quality cable components,
  • Reliable functional properties,
  • Parts determined in accordance with TecDoc.