Wearing parts for electric and hybrid vehicles are in focus.

This year, car parts for electric and hybrid vehicles play a central role for OPTIMAL at Automechanika Frankfurt. This is also reflected in the catalogue for electric and hybrid vehicles, which has been significantly expanded since 2016. The further developed range of wearing parts for electric vehicles thus comprehensively covers the extremely high demands of a new generation of vehicles for high-quality spare parts. But this isn’t the only area in which OPTIMAL is making a big mark as an internationally operating company. This is also demonstrated by the new ranges for wheel drive components and CV joints, which are celebrating their premiere in Frankfurt. Visitors to our stand D50 in Hall 6.0 will be able to convince themselves of the quality of our first-class spare parts for cars.

OPTIMAL: Brake disc for Tesla Model S(OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG, Langenbach, Germany) The global market for electric cars continues to experience rapid growth, with the sale of electric vehicles doubling in Germany alone in the past year. The trend towards electric cars is also continuing in the important markets of China, the USA, the UK and France. The major automobile companies are almost outperforming each other at the moment with studies and developments of electric and hybrid vehicles, which will soon be ready for production and push their way onto the markets. OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG has therefore set course right from the start for a reliable supply of its partners and customers with wearing parts in this vehicle segment. With our new wear parts catalogue for electric and hybrid vehicles, we are using our status as an international company to continue driving developments in this innovative market.

Catalogue WBM-3015 for electric and hybrid vehicles includes more than 1,500 references in an innovative and customer-friendly format. The catalogue covers more than 30 brands and 150 vehicle models, including well-known electric cars such as the BMW i3, Renault Twizy, Smart, Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S as well as typical hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius, Audi A8 2.0 TFSI Hybrid or Mercedes S 400 Hybrid and many, many more. To make it easier for our clients to quickly choose the wear parts they need, all the references are also available in TecDoc and on the associated electronic media.Our OPTIMAL product range currently includes 18 catalogues. Since we constantly update our range of wear parts, including our electric vehicle parts, we recommend subscribing to our OPTIMAL product newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news.

Premiere at Automechanika: Wheel drive componentsFor the first time, OPTIMAL presents the new product group of wheel drive components (drive shafts, joint and bellows sets) at this year’s Automechanika. The wheel drive components can be purchased individually or as a complete, ready to install kit. The high flexibility of the new product group is additionally emphasised by the use of different types of bellows. Depending on requirements, a choice can be made between rubber or plastic bellows made from TPE.

Use and application:

Drive shafts, CV joints and the related bellow sets are typical wear parts. To prevent water and dirt from damaging the joints, they are sealed with suitable bellow sets made from rubber or plastic. For uninterrupted driving pleasure, the bellow sets in particular should be regularly checked and replaced as necessary.

Quality, flexibility, no service exchange parts:

Whether fully installed drive shafts, repair kits for CV joints or bellow sets: the new drive components from OPTIMAL meet the most stringent requirements (OEM quality) in engineering and production as well as through the use of high-performance lubricants. Depending on requirements, OPTIMAL also offers both conventional rubber and thermoplastic (TPE) bellows, which exhibit much greater temperature resistance and impact resistance as well as better inherent stability, thanks to their specific material properties. TPE axle boots are being used in more and more applications, especially in modern vehicles, and need stronger stainless steel clamps due to their greater material stiffness.

All wheel drive components from OPTIMAL are supplied individually packaged for protection and with accessories. All parts are new. No service exchange.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Fully assembled drive shafts
  • Joint types compliant with OEM design
  • Complete kits with all associated fixings
  • Bellow sets available in thermoplastic and rubber versions
  • All components meet the quality requirements for original equipment parts in accordance with IATF 16949:2016
  • Low friction through use of high-performance lubricant
  • New material! No service exchange parts!
  • Use of high-quality stainless steel clamps
  • Easy identification of parts (TecDoc, DVSE, etc.)
  • Over 90% of axle boot and joint kits always in stock
  • Excellent delivery service
  • Very wide market coverage

OPTIMAL adds flexible couplings to product range.

Vibration-free driving has become a matter of course. The failure of flexible couplings due to wear and tear has a serious impact on comfort. For precisely this situation, OPTIMAL now offers new flexible couplings – from a wide range of rubber-metal parts. In turn, the innovative combination of cord packs, rubber and steel sleeves ensures unadulterated driving fun.

Name and function:

Flexible couplings are also known as Hardy discs, named after their inventor, John Leslie Hardy.

They are used in vehicles with rear wheel or all-wheel drive and are connected to the longitudinal shaft via the integrated precision steel sleeves.

The special construction of the OPTIMAL flexible couplings in the form of innovatively arranged cord packs, a special rubber compound and high-quality steel sleeves enables the compensation of not only misalignments and axial play but also of juddering movements when starting the shaft or changing speed. This allows irritating vibrations and “juddering” to be avoided while driving.

Flexible couplings from OPTIMAL:

For popular vehicle applications from BMW and Mercedes, OPTIMAL now offers flexible couplings in a special quality.

  • The F3 flexible couplings are manufactured on state-of-the-art machines and subject to the quality standards for original equipment as required by IATF 16949:2016.
  • An optimised, internal cord structure guarantees efficient torque transmission.
  • The composite rubber body supports and protects the cord skeleton so that the entire system achieves excellent attenuation properties.
  • Deviations of angle and length in the drive train can be reliably compensated for.
  • The OPTIMAL flexible coupling effectively suppresses vibrations for excellent driving comfort and low levels of noise.
  • Continuous quality control
  • All references are available in digital search and catalogue systems (TecDoc, DVSE, etc.)
  • Very wide market coverage

[Pictures: OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG]