Brake drums

Drum brakes are still used in many car models due to their absolute reliability, long service life and relative cheapness. The triumphal march of the brake discs hardly changes that. They are mainly installed in the rear axles of compact and small vehicles. This guarantees a perfect division of labor for safety: While the disc brakes on the front axle do most of the braking work, the drum brakes on the rear ensure vehicle stability during braking.

Brake drums as central and particularly safety-relevant components of drum brakes have to brake the wheels on the one hand and absorb and dissipate the heat generated on the other. This is the only way to avoid so-called fading in cooperation with the brake shoes, i.e. a decrease in the braking effect at high temperatures, which arise due to the friction between the brake drum and brake shoes.

Quality brake drums from OPTIMAL have the following features:

  • Use of the highest quality cast iron
  • Maximum dimensional stability thanks to the ideal dimensioning of the brake drums
  • OPTIMAL roughness of the friction surface
  • High thermal conductivity enables absolutely long-lasting, stable friction
  • Smallest positional tolerances due to highest fitting accuracy

Safety instructions:

Brake drums should always be installed in pairs on one axle in order to guarantee an even braking force effect. In addition, brake drums as particularly safety-relevant vehicle parts may only be installed by trained specialist personnel.