Save money + save time + long life guarantee Customer advantages ranges from retailer to retail customers = Complete pre-assembled spring struts

Spring struts

Optimal Automotive GmbH produces completely pre-assembled shock absorber strut. Our goal is to meet the demand of shock absorbers, coil-springs and all necessary components by offering a completely pre-assembled spare part.

The use of complete pre-assembled spring struts shock absorber strut enables the garage to considerably save assembly time compared to the usual working method. This time saving is the outcome of the complete pre-assembled spring struts.

Furthermore, the use of special tools is being reduced, especially when changing the shock absorber strut and other components, because the delivered spare part has already been assembled. This new method of changing shock absorber strut and its components provides fast service garages new possibilities, which have not been experienced before, and considerably improves the security and driving quality of vehicles that are equipped with it. The product range currently includes 130 references.