OPTIMAL built a new warehouse lane for container boxes this year, quickly and right on schedule. The new lane 7 will offer space for over 10,000 small and large container boxes from the second week of November. The fifth expansion stage of the fully automated warehouse in Langenbach has thus been implemented on schedule.

And the expansion will continue in the new year. Construction of the new buffer warehouse will commence in February 2019. With the sixth expansion stage, a total of 8,000 new pallet bays will be added, which in future will enable pallets to be stored 6 to 8 rows deep thanks to the new shuttle system. Right on schedule, OPTIMAL will then have at least 20,000 pallet bays by mid-2019.

Further information about the expansion of our central warehouse in Langenbach can be found in our press release.

[Photos: OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG]