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New from OPTIMAL: Overrunning alternator pulleys



OAPs (Overruning Alternator Pulleys) take the strain off the generator in general and extend the service life of the entire auxiliary belt drive. There is also greater comfort when travelling in the vehicle thanks to the effective reduction of vibrations and noise. OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG already supplies numerous automobile parts for the auxiliary belt drive – and these now include OAPs.

With 153 overrunning alternator pulleys, OPTIMAL is extending its wear part range to include a completely new product group. The main selection criteria for these overrunning alternator pulleys were their market coverage and outstanding quality. OPTIMAL's overrunning alternator pulleys boast the following characteristics:


  • High-performance grease for reliability & longevity
  • Two sealing levels ensuring optimal resistance
  • Their basic design enables them to withstand high torques
  • Maximum wear resistance thanks to careful selection of materials for the individual components
In addition to its overrunning alternator pulleys, OPTIMAL also has a wide range of belt tensioners, crankshaft vibration dampers and tensioner and deflection pulleys available to customers.

[Picture: OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG]