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Relaunch: Quality brake discs and pads from OPTIMAL


Modern motor vehicles are subject to ever greater diversification in terms of their engines and chassis. This also has an impact on parts such as brake discs and brake pads, which are of particular relevance to a vehicle’s safety. The high demands in terms of material quality, handling and safety must meet the different requirements of not only the buyers but also the vehicles. With this in mind, we have now completely revised and respecified our range of brake products. In future, you will be able to choose between coated brake discs, high-carbon brake discs and compound brake discs. The new brake pads from OPTIMAL now also feature an even more perfectly adapted friction lining compound for each class of vehicle.

For unambiguous part identification

  1. Coated brake discs can be clearly identified by the prefix “BS”, a four-digit number, and a “C” in the item number (e.g. BS-8474C)
  2. High-carbon brake discs are clearly identified by the suffix “HC” – for “high-carbon” – in the item number (e.g. BS-8474HC)
  3. Compound brake discs can also be recognized by the suffix “HC” for “high-carbon” and by the addition “compound” in the electronic catalogs such as TecDoc and
  4. Brake pads can be identified by a five-digit item number with the prefix “BP” – for “brake pad” – (e.g. BP-09540).

Find out about the advantages of our completely revised and respecified brake discs and brake pads in the OPTIMAL Mediacenter:

  1. Press release: „Quality brake discs and pads with a high standard“
  2. Flyer: „Brake discs: Relaunch“ and „Brake pads: Relaunch“
  3. You will also find in the Mediacenter of our homepage general installation instructions with the title "Brake repair made easy".

The relaunch of our brake program will be presented for the first time at the STAHLGRUBER Exhibition in Munich (04.-05.05.2019) and Frankfurt (18.-19.05.2019).

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