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OPTIMAL at apprenticeship information day in Moosburg


OPTIMAL and more than 85 companies exhibited at the apprenticeship information day in Moosburg. The aim was to bring young people from the middle and high school as well as the grammar school into contact with companies based in the region in order to facilitate the selection of apprenticeships for future trainees.

To present the training situation at OPTIMAL as authentically as possible, our trainees - supported by our instructor team - independently developed their local presence themselves. With great success! That is why a lot of students visited us. They received our apprentice flyer, delicious popcorn and aromatic peach drinks at our booth.

By the way, up-to-date information about apprenticeships at OPTIMAL Germany can be found on our homepage under the navigation item “career” (text in German).

Incidentally, the next opportunity to see and interview our training team in the region will be on February 23rd, 2018 on the day of the career in the Stadthalle Moosburg - and then, by the way, with information and offers for skilled workers.