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Brand information

The roots of Bendix

The success of the Bendix brand has been marked by a long list of major product contributions in the automotive, aviation, aerospace and transportation industries for nearly a century. The brand Bendix stands for high-quality resulting from long-term technical research and development. Bendix has had a leading position and has been enjoying a strong position and a high reputation as OE brand in the world-wide Aftermarket for years. OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG is an authorized licensee of the famous brand Bendix for the product ranges wheel bearing kits, suspension parts, shock absorbers for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles and coil springs since 2011.

Milestones in the history of Bendix

1927:   Vincent Bendix, an engineer and inventor, founds the Bendix-Corporation to produce Safety Servo vacuum brakes.

1949:   Bendix air brakes are the standard on all heavy trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, fire trucks and off-highway vehicles.

1999:   Allied-Signal merges with Honeywell International, continuing to offer the Bendix® brand name und its Honeywell Commercial Vehicle Systems unit.

2011:   OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG acquires the license for Bendix steering & suspension parts, wheel bearing kits, shock absorbers & coil springs.